Getting Ready for 'The Sustainability Card'

Involvement in The Sustainability Card™ project (see been a natural outgrowth of work on greenwashing and best practice for green marketing over the past few year.

Manufacturers and service providers are being invited to participate in The Sustainability Card™, a new commercial green marketing platform to reward consumers with cash rebates when they buy selected products with proven sustainability credentials.

An initial call for ‘Expressions of Interest’ in strategic brand partnering and product participation with The Sustainability Card™ was called last November.

It is envisaged that cardholder membership will become a very large virtual community of environmentally conscious consumers who want their shopping dollars to make a difference via carefully evaluated products and services focused on a wide range of environmental sustainability issues and solutions.

With many selections across numerous product categories, ut will streamline the process for consumers to claim financial benefits and spend them wherever EFTPOS facilities are available. There are no points or gimmicks and it is not a discount card.

Benefits for participating brand owners include narrowcasting their marketing to a sustainability-aware audience (i.e. Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability consumers) and simplifying management and effective delivery of producer rebate promotions.

Expected to retail for around $7, The Sustainability Card™ will be available through retail outlets, from participating companies, online and through a number of other partner networks including non-profits using a charitable fund-raising model. As well as the standard consumer card, there also will be staff reward and business-to-business (or B2B) versions of The Sustainability Card™ that offer additional branding, customer and supplier engagement, and operational benefits.

To support the development of a more sustainable consumer marketplace, 10% of card sale revenue will go into The Sustainability Card™ Innovation Fund, which will make grants to drive research and innovation in the areas of sustainable production, consumption and marketing.