The Wattwatcher
The Wattwatcher … a revolutionary home energy monitoring and management device the 3rd degree is helping to bring to market.

With the sustainability operating environment evolving rapidly, the approach of the 3rd degree is to be flexible, well-connected and focused on key activity areas. These areas include reinvigorated government policy-making and regulatory interventions, clean technology, corporate leadership, civil society pressure points (e.g. environment, community welfare, consumer advocacy) and consumer behaviour change.

We are a networked organisation, working through strategic relationships to meet the needs and aims of our clients and partners. In September 2013, the 3rd degree forged a new consulting partnership with Hardaker Public Advocacy ( to expand service capabilities and specialisations.

Other business and pro bono relationships that have enabled the 3rd degree to help clients while pursuing its core focus on climate and sustainability solutions include:

  • Consumer Support: Helping the creation of The Sustainability Card (
  • Technology-Enabled Behaviour Change: Consumer-focused energy efficiency company Wattwatchers (
  • Environment Movement: The Total Environment Centre’s groundbreaking Green Capital program (
  • Community Campaign: Non-profit Climate Coolers and its national '1 Million Women' campaign to engage a million women to save energy and cut carbon pollution (