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Greenwash or Green Cred?

I'm posting thought leadership pieces I work on from time to time, including with the Total Environment Centre's Green Capital program. Below are 'The End of Greenwash' and the 'The Green Cred Checklist'.

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Shame about the cycle!

You know you are in trouble when the business executives you are doing a climate change presentation for are working the Blackberry or similar devices hard. Doubly so when global credit markets are frozen, sharemarkets are in freefall, the dollar is crashing and there's a whiff of financial apocalyse in the air.

The message was clear: This was no time to be talking about long-term sustainability value, though of course more talk about that at every step of the long boom that's now imploding might have kept it going at least a bit longer.

Where to start a blog?

Recently I was at a green fair in Sydney doing a panel gig on green marketing and greenwash. Teamed up with a mix of people - including a lawyer, a journalist, a consumer advocate and a carbon entrepreneur - I was in what I dubbed the serious sustainability debate tent.