10 key sustainability trends for 2010 and beyond

Our quick summary of 10 trends that will affect business in 2010 and beyond appears below and fuller analysis can be found in the attached PDF.

Global recession and major policy failures around the CPRS and Copenhagen were serious setbacks for sustainability in the past year, with many players left discouraged and frustrated. Yet the pressure on governments and businesses to deliver climate and sustainability action will keep rising along with the temperature and energy prices.

The trends in no particular order follow.

Carbon Strategy - It’s Going Shorter and Longer: With the CPRS and Copenhagen summit opportunities in apparent disarray, pressure will build for both short-term interim solutions and bigger and bolder long-term strategies.

New Activism - Polluters to Pay: It’s the carbon version of the ‘Sea Shepherd effect’ i.e. where failure to stop Japan killing whales in the Antarctic each summer has spawned more radical protesting than that of Greenpeace.

Policy Fatigue & Investor Alarm - Climate & Carbon Fatigue Syndrome: The energy has been sucked out of the would-be carbon trading and services sector again, leaving business plans smashed, early movers hurting and investors cautious or retreating all over again

CSR Under Pressure - R.I.P. for soft Corporate Social Responsibility: Rising disenchantment over perceived corporate spin and backsliding will drive an ‘acid test’ approach to business claims and initiatives, and real results will be crucial

Elections & Politicking - Shifting Sands of Politics: With elections in South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Australia-wide and NSW over the next year and a bit, the usual political horse-trading over green preferences will be back in business. It’s a scenario where the green vote can be golden at the critical margins!

Behaviour Focus - Consumers Do Rule?: There’s a rising focus on consumer behaviour change among governments, businesses and community organisations

Technology Steps Up - The Grid Meets Internet Protocols for Smart Solutions: Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is gaining momentum for demand-side energy use and management solutions

Energy Costs Stay in Play - Prices Will Keep Rising: Even without a price on carbon, energy prices have been going up rapidly and this is likely to continue, boosting the case for the neglected motherhood solution of energy efficiency

Science to Rebound - El Nino Helps Scientists to Fight Back: Climate scientists are warning that 2010 may well set new temperature records in Australia and globally, with the likelihood that the latest bounce-back by climate deniers will fade under the weight of heat and science

More Renewables - People Like Clean Energy & Its Global Competition Territory: There is a boom in renewable energy, governments are supporting it more and more as a popular aspiration for householders and businesses too, and China wants to dominate this market big time

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