About 'The 3rd Degree'

Murray Hogarth’s book The 3rd Degree (Pluto Australia, 2007)
Murray Hogarth’s book The 3rd Degree
(Pluto Australia, 2007)

New era, new thinking
Today's businesses and civil organisations face a complex operating environment - with economic, social and environmental factors vying for attention and putting value at stake, in terms of both risks and opportunities.

How an organisation frames and supports its 'story' is critical to how it will be perceived and treated in the public arena. Authenticity is powerful for public advocacy, but doesn't come easily. Spin and greenwash will be found out, and just trying to bluff through it all is likely to end badly too.

By applying traditional hard-edged investigative journalism skills, combined with a deep understanding of the sustainability challenges faced by today's organisations and leaders, we deliver an extra level of scrutiny and evaluation to the task of effective public advocacy for your organisation.

Why the 3rd degree?
In contemporary language 'the 3rd degree' is a tough, sometimes even physically or mentally brutal level of interrogation, most commonly associated with police investigations. For our purposes it means two things:
1. An extra level of scrutiny to get to the heart of an organisation's 'story' to deliver effective public advocacy.
2. Murray Hogarth's 2007 book of the same name, addressing the critical global warming threshold of a maximum 2 degrees average temperature rise to avoid runaway dangerous climate change.

'A rise of 3 degrees or over is likely to trigger “catastrophic consequences”, including the loss of a third of the world’s species and a sea level rise that will threaten millions of lives.’ – The Sydney Morning Herald

The business
The business name the 3rd degree is a registered trademark owned by Econation Pty Ltd.

Econation, now trading as the 3rd degree, was established in 1999 by Murray Hogarth as a sustainability strategy and communications service provider. Between 1999 and 2008, Murray Hogarth delivered his services mainly through pioneering boutique sustainability strategy firm Ecos Corporation. Since 2008, the 3rd degree has allied with other service providers on a project by project basis.

Current and past clients for the 3rd degree services and sub-contracting include:

  • Green Capital, advising Australia's leading corporate sustainability events program
  • 1 Million Women, advising and supporting the development of a mass climate action engagement campaign aimed at women
  • EDO NSW, providing communications strategy advice and support to Australia's leading public interest environmental law centre
  • Wattwatchers, bringing to market a breakthrough home energy smart monitoring and management device to enable consumer behaviour change
  • The Sustainability Card, designing the sustainability product assessment processes for a new consumer initiative
  • LMS Generation, providing support for this leading Australian company generating baseload renewable electricity from landfill gas
  • Ecos Corporation, providing high-level strategic advice to mainly large corporate clients in Australia, Asia and North America (in sectors including mining, life sciences, banking, insurance, auto, alcohol, agriculture, energy, property, professional services, manufacturing)
  • Easy Being Green, providing corporate affairs and community engagement support for the mass roll-out of over 4 million energy-saving light globes to about 500,000 households
  • Numerous speaking, facilitation and writing engagements

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