Where to start a blog?

Recently I was at a green fair in Sydney doing a panel gig on green marketing and greenwash. Teamed up with a mix of people - including a lawyer, a journalist, a consumer advocate and a carbon entrepreneur - I was in what I dubbed the serious sustainability debate tent.

The audience in the serious tent was maybe 30-40 people at best, with the odd seeing-eye dog as well, though mainly less and rarely more than half full. Another tent across the way featured TV celebrity chef Kylie Kwong doing green cooking tips. It looked like there were hundreds of people there, included many crowded outside trying to get a look in. (I was going to say hanging from the rafters, but that would have pulled the tent down.)

Anyway, it taught me a lesson. Serious sustainability is a hard sell with a limited audience. If you want to take sustainability to the masses you need to make it engaging and connected to how people live day to day. Cooking is a great place to start. There's a lot of carbon emissions embedded in what we eat, and a lot we can do to be greener and healthier too. Thanks Kylie. As Ali G would say, Respect!

BTW, Kylie Kwong's official website highlights 'Sustainability, Quality, Innovation' at the front, which are three great words for many things, cooking included. See http://www.kyliekwong.org

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