Murray Hogarth - Strategy, Communications & Campaigns

Combined experience of journalism and sustainability careers

Murray Hogarth

The work of the 3rd degree is led by its Principal Murray Hogarth, whose high-level journalism experience includes investigative, political and environmental reporting, in both print and television, and also contemporary social media. Murray has been covering sustainability issues and trends as a journalist then business adviser since the mid 1990s, when corporate sustainability reporting began, and is a widely published thought-leader.

Whatever the risks and opportunities that public affairs issues including environmental and social factors present for your enterprise, the 3rd degree can help with strategic advice, innovative ideas active communications support and stakeholder engagement based on long experience.

NEW KEY RELATIONSHIP: From September 2013, the 3rd degree is partnering with Hardaker Public Advocacy to provide an expanded range of specialist services. This partnership adds capabilities including Middle East/Arab world expertise, the health sector, market research, video production and PR. See Relationships for more information.

Journalism as Strategy · Sustainability and Environment · Public Advocacy

Tailored strategies and good storytelling = communications solutions

the 3rd degree works with business and civil society organisations at Board, Executive and Management levels to identify and evaluate their issues, tell their stories and advance their public positions. With specialist experience in journalism, environmental sustainability and stakeholder engagement, the 3rd degree supports clients with:
• Quality journalism as strategy
• Building profile with compelling content
• Public reputation risk evaluation
• Alliance-building, campaigning and positioning
• Research and analysis
• Integrating social media, video and digital media

Flexible model based on building trusted adviser relationship

the 3rd degree's approach to public advocacy is flexible and intuitive, working with businesses of all sizes, and with both for-profit and not-for-profit clients. Current examples of client relationships include:

  • With electricity price hikes now a regular event, a company offering smart energy saving solutions for business and residential sectors - that combine information and communications technology with social networking - needs to challenge conventional wisdom in the energy sector
  • A major global resources company and an international conservation organisation need to showcase their collaborations via well-told 'case studies' while managing sensitive internal and external stakeholder relationships
  • A non-profit threatened with withdrawal of public funding seeks help to rally community support
  • Creating and building social media assets for clients, especially the journalistic business workhorse Twitter

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